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Team Tennis

Playing against other clubs is a great way to experience different playing styles, visit clubs throughout the Midlands and improve your tennis.

Some players play regularly for a particular team and usually have a partner who they play with most matches. Others choose to play occasionally, for instance when a team needs help to cover for someone who can't play.

The captain's will try to accommodate people so that they play at the right level and play against people of a similar standard.

We have men's, women's and mixed teams in summer and winter leagues.

If you are a club member and would like to represent the club in a team, please email

It's important that you are registered by the club before playing.

Click on the links below for access to the results and league positions.
Men's and Ladies' Teams


Captains Contact Details:

 Emily White (Ladies' Captain) 



Adrian Hurst (Men's Captain) 


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