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Early Days
The club was formed in 1932 and until 1965 it occupied land rented from the Worcester Diocese and grew its membership up to 50.

Then in 1965 the diocese decided to sell this land and due to the generosity of several club members the present site off Prestwood was purchased.

To start with, four shale courts were laid and a small clubhouse was constructed.

Then in 1972, a further four hard courts were added and the clubhouse was improved.

Two years later the club erected floodlighting on two of the courts.

1980 - 2000

Membership continued to grow and in 1980 there was a major clubhouse development with a large function room added (named the Homer Lounge).

In 1991, with the assistance of the Foundation for Sport and the Arts, the changing rooms were restructured and in 1993 the original clubhouse was re-clad in brickwork.

1996 saw a major investment including a Lottery Grant to convert the four original shale courts to four floodlit Astro Turf  artificial grass courts.

Then, because of the popularity of the artificial grass courts, the remaining four hard courts were also converted Astro Turf artificial grass.

Recent Development

In 2013 four courts were replaced by two Astro Turf artificial grass and two simulated clay courts. Their floodlighting was also improved.

In 2018 we received a grant which enabled us to replace the remaining four old Astro Turf courts with state of the art Tiger Turf surfaces and also upgrade the remaining floodlights so our tennis facilities are now superb, day and night, all year round.

The new courts were officially opened by British Wimbledon player Marcus Willis in April 2019.

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