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WLTC is a family friendly club run by volunteers and affiliated to the LTA.

Like any other organisation, we have to have certain policies and procedures in place so we can provide a well run and safe club for all.

We have a number of documents which you may like to access, which can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

If you have any concerns or would like to help out on the committee so that you can have a say in what we do, please feel free to contact our Chairman Alan Hughes on 01384 353049 or e-mail or write to the tennis club at the addresses shown at the bottom of this page.

Other members of the committee you may wish to contact are:

Vincent Clutterbuck -Secretary

Suzanne Tranter - Treasurer

Mike White - Treasurer

Heather Partridge - Membership

Dave Tranter - General Committee

Pauline Clutterbuck - General Committee

Heather Hughes - General Committee

Max Bywater - General Committee

Sarah Needs - General Committee

John Cutler Trustee

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