Mix-in sessions are a great way to meet other players and experience different styles and levels of play.

At many larger clubs, the only way to get a game of tennis is to arrange a match with someone else, which means you tend to play with the same people all the time.

Here at WLTC we have mix-in sessions where players are randomly drawn to make up doubles sets (usually by means of drawing playing cards).

This could be mixed doubles or a men's or ladies' doubles.

Once the set is completed, the players come off and are randomly drawn again so they get to play with different people in the next set.

There is no booking system and you don't have to be there for the start of the session.

Simply turn up at any point in the session and as soon as a court and players become available you will be included in the draw.

Usually after the tennis has finished, members stick around in the clubhouse to have a drink and a chat and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

The mix-in sessions are:

Tuesday Evenings from 7pm

Wednesday Mornings from 9am

Thursday Afternoons from 1.30pm

Saturday Afternoons from 1.30pm

Sunday Mornings from 9.30am

Tel:  01384 393322

Clubhouse phone (NOT the best way to contact us as there may not be anyone to answer it)

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