Singles League

We are looking to set up singles leagues early in July if there is sufficient interest. This will be an opportunity for all levels of player to play some competitive singles. There will be no charge to enter the leagues.

Can you please email if you would like to register your interest/sign up. We we will review numbers on 30th June.

In order that we can assess abilities and put players in an appropriate group, can you please advise whether you are:

1. Team tennis (High leagues*)

2. Team tennis (Medium leagues*)

3. Team tennis (Lower leagues*)

4. Rusty racket

5. Beginner

* Please advise which leagues you have been playing in.

Note - if you have not been playing team tennis but feel your standard is a level for team tennis, please advise 1,2 or 3 above (your best guess)

We will confirm more detail from 1st July once we can assess the level of interest.

Whilst this email is for singles only at this stage, please advise if you would be interested in doubles leagues.

Tel:  01384 393322

Clubhouse phone (NOT the best way to contact us as there may not be anyone to answer it)

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